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Student Emergency KitsStudent Emergency Kits

If a student has to evacuate, or needs to shelter somewhere else because of a natural disaster, school lockdown or an active shooter situation, having the right supplies makes a difference. Having a well-stocked Student Emergency Kit gives students and teachers confidence that they will be able to survive and stay safe until help arrives.

Student Emergency Kits survival kit includes essentials for a day and fits easily in a backpack or dorm room. Designed for schools using recommendations from leading disaster response organizations. Store one in each classroom, and other areas where students gather like libraries, cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums and offices.

Student Emergency Kits: What Every Student Should Have

The kit includes a first aid kit that contains essentials to treat common injuries including wounds, cuts and scrapes. The resealable bag keeps items fresh and dry. Also included are a pair of work gloves and a small flashlight with extra batteries for added protection against the elements.

An emergency blanket is a must for any student’s kit. These are lightweight, compact and can retain up to 90% of body heat. Also included are a set of Disaster Deck emergency preparedness cards that describe what to do in various situations from natural disasters, to a school lockdown and more.

The student kit includes water to sustain a person for a day, and food bars that are ready to eat with no preparation required. They provide up to 400 calories per bar and are non-thirst provoking. A resealable zipper bag keeps moisture out and the die cut handle makes it easy to carry.

Gerry’s Roofing & Siding Inc is a Roofing ContractorGerry’s Roofing & Siding Inc is a Roofing Contractor


When you are looking for a roofer, it is important to find one that has years of experience in the industry. These professionals are experts at installing and repairing different types of roofs. In addition, they are capable of assessing damage to the roof and determining the best repair option. They also provide maintenance services to keep your roof in good condition.

This company is a Burlington roofing that provides roof installation, repair and replacement for homes. Its team works on both flat and asphalt shingle roofs. It also provides repair and maintenance for gutters, skylights and chimneys. The firm can also install protective aluminum-capped windows to help prevent leaks from storm damage.

Burlington Roofers You Can Trust: Gerry’s Roofing & Siding Inc

The roofing contractors of this company serve residential clients in Burlington and the surrounding areas. Its professionals have more than 30 years of experience handling multiple types of roof systems. They also offer roof spray foam insulation to seal cracks, seams and penetrations on a home’s roof. The team also repairs leaks and replaces damaged shingles and flashings.

Whether you want to upgrade your roof or repair an existing one, the team of these professionals will take care of it quickly and efficiently. They can even work around your schedule to complete the job. The company uses high-quality roofing materials to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Gerry’s Roofing & Siding Inc
49 Morley St, Hamilton, ON L8H 3R6, Canada
Phone: +19055497112

Flat Roof Repair – How to Properly Repair a Flat RoofFlat Roof Repair – How to Properly Repair a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are prone to certain issues, such as leaks and damage, that need prompt repair. Luckily, these problems can often be resolved with simple patching techniques that help to preserve the life of your flat roofing materials.Find out

The first step in repairing your flat roof is to identify the source of the leak. This will require you to get on a ladder, which can be dangerous. If you can, have someone hold the ladder for you and wear a fall prevention harness. Once on the roof, search around for areas of discolouration. If you find one, make sure to take measurements from the spot to the nearest walls in order to find where water is entering.

There are several causes for flat roof damage, including:

Faulty drainage construction: This can be caused by gravel, leaves or other debris blocking spigots or drains, and is usually the most common cause of roof leaks.

Weather: Heavy rains and winds can wreak havoc on even the best-made roofing, and cause damage in the form of holes, cracks or bubbles in the membrane.

Age: Unfortunately, time ruins everything, and flat roofs are no exception. Over time, low-quality materials and poor workmanship can lead to the breakdown of your roof membrane, causing leaks or worse.

When selecting a contractor for your flat roof repair, be sure to interview candidates and request detailed quotes. This helps to ensure open communication, understandable cost breakdowns and realistic timelines. Additionally, be sure to inquire about post-installation services. This will help to guarantee a successful project and ensure that your contractor is available for any future flat roof maintenance or repairs you may require.

The Benefits of School Playground MarkingsThe Benefits of School Playground Markings

School playground markings are an essential part of many children’s outdoor play, offering a wide variety of benefits to young people. From promoting physical activity to stimulating learning and fostering creativity, the right playground markings can transform a dull tarmacked space into a vibrant hub of fun and excitement.

The NHS highlights the importance of children aged five to 18 getting at least 60 minutes of exercise per day – and with so many children leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, playground markings can play an integral role in encouraging pupils to be active during their break times. Having designated zones for sports like football, basketball and tennis can help encourage pupils to engage with high-energy activities during their school breaks, while ensuring that low energy games like hopscotch are placed away from areas used for high-impact sports.

Adding Fun and Functionality: School Playground Markings

In addition to the sporting opportunities, playground markings can also provide a fantastic learning resource for both PE teachers and pupils themselves. Markings such as snakes and ladders, multiplication grids, alphabet spirals and world map can all be incorporated into classroom lessons to support learning across a number of subjects.

Thermoplastic markings are a durable and safe option for schools. However, they require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that they are in good condition. For instance, if a playground is regularly used for sports or has been affected by frequent flooding, the thermoplastic markings may not last as long. In these cases, a painted option would be more appropriate as it is easier to repair and replace.

Digital Menu Boards for Bubble TeaDigital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

About Digital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

Like many other quick-service restaurants, bubble tea shops have embraced the technological renaissance. From social media promotion to online ordering, the industry has incorporated cutting-edge technology to enhance engagement with consumers and drive revenue growth. Adding to this modern era of innovation, digital menu boards have emerged as an essential tool for the industry, enabling restaurants and cafes to showcase their diverse selection of drinks in vibrant displays. Find out

Terry Pham, owner of Texas-based Fat Straws Bubble Tea Co., was looking to upgrade from static menu boards in his fast-casual restaurant. He wanted to be able to change messages easily, quickly and remotely for new marketing campaigns or highlight new flavors and special offers. He also needed a robust media player that could support these changes and other updates without downtime or loss of content.

Digital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

Then he found Mandoe, an all-in-one software platform that helps restaurants and food venues unlock the power of digital signage. Mandoe’s state-of-the-art digital menu board builder makes it easy to create a custom menu design that suits your brand. Unlike other digital signage providers, we offer a drag-and-drop menu designer that lets you switch fonts and insert images to customize your menu design with ease.

Our digital menu boards feature a range of creative and captivating graphics, images, animations and videos that capture customers’ attention. We can even include touchscreens or QR codes on your menu board to let consumers explore drink details and make decisions more easily. We also offer unique interactive features that let your customers place orders directly from the screen. We can help you choose the right hardware, software and menu design to create engaging content that will attract more customers and boost sales.