Digital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

About Digital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

Like many other quick-service restaurants, bubble tea shops have embraced the technological renaissance. From social media promotion to online ordering, the industry has incorporated cutting-edge technology to enhance engagement with consumers and drive revenue growth. Adding to this modern era of innovation, digital menu boards have emerged as an essential tool for the industry, enabling restaurants and cafes to showcase their diverse selection of drinks in vibrant displays. Find out

Terry Pham, owner of Texas-based Fat Straws Bubble Tea Co., was looking to upgrade from static menu boards in his fast-casual restaurant. He wanted to be able to change messages easily, quickly and remotely for new marketing campaigns or highlight new flavors and special offers. He also needed a robust media player that could support these changes and other updates without downtime or loss of content.

Digital Menu Boards for Bubble Tea

Then he found Mandoe, an all-in-one software platform that helps restaurants and food venues unlock the power of digital signage. Mandoe’s state-of-the-art digital menu board builder makes it easy to create a custom menu design that suits your brand. Unlike other digital signage providers, we offer a drag-and-drop menu designer that lets you switch fonts and insert images to customize your menu design with ease.

Our digital menu boards feature a range of creative and captivating graphics, images, animations and videos that capture customers’ attention. We can even include touchscreens or QR codes on your menu board to let consumers explore drink details and make decisions more easily. We also offer unique interactive features that let your customers place orders directly from the screen. We can help you choose the right hardware, software and menu design to create engaging content that will attract more customers and boost sales.

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