What Is Playground Painting?

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Playground markings for primary schools is a key maintenance task for schools and local authorities, especially during half term and out of term holidays. From recreating line markings on a sports surface to brightening up dull surfaces with games and colourful designs, playground painting is an easy way to improve the appearance of your school’s outdoor spaces.

What is Playground Paint

Playground paint and markings are non-slip coatings designed to provide a safe and visually appealing environment for children and young adults. These coatings can be applied on various types of playground surfaces, from tarmac to concrete. They often include additives or aggregates that create texture and enhance slip resistance, making them safer to use than smooth surfaces. They can be coloured in a variety of ways to suit the desired aesthetic, and they are available in both acrylic anti-slip paint and thermoplastic.

Using the right type of paint is essential to ensuring the markings remain durable and long-lasting. Thermoplastic markings are a popular choice for transforming tarmac surfaces into engaging play areas, encouraging physical activity and coordination while improving learning through play. They are easily installed by preheating the surface and melting the thermoplastic material into the surfacing. Thermoplastic markings can be used to create a wide variety of shapes and patterns, including hopscotch grids, number lines, letter games, and even sports courts.

Acrylic anti-slip paint is also a popular choice for playground markings, as it is quick and simple to apply. It can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray equipment and can be coloured to suit any requirement. Stencils are also an option for bespoke playground markings, with a range of options available, from simple shapes and colours to educational content like letters and numbers.

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