When Do They Stop Doing Internal Ultrasounds?

Ultrasound is a vital part of most pregnancies, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at when they are done and what they’re used for. In a nutshell, ultrasounds are a safe and non-invasive way of looking at your baby’s internal organs. When do they stop doing internal ultrasounds This allows the doctor to check that everything is progressing normally. This includes the heartbeat and that all four limbs are present as well as basic structures like the brain, stomach, and bladder. In some cases, the doctor may also use the scan to check if there’s a problem with the fetus such as chromosomal disorders.

In the early stages of pregnancy, doctors often use a transvaginal ultrasound which is done by inserting a probe into your uterus. This gives a much clearer picture than a regular ultrasound as it’s the most accurate at this stage. The scan can also be used to measure something called nuchal translucency, a sack of fluid at the back of your baby’s neck that’s filled with lymphatic fluid. The size of this has been correlated with the chances of the fetus having certain chromosomal disorders.

Navigating Your Pregnancy Journey: The Transition Away from Internal Ultrasounds

To have an internal scan, the doctor or sonographer will ask you to lie on the scanning couch and remove your clothes. They’ll then put a lubricating gel on the slim ultrasound probe and cover it with a sterile covering. Then they’ll gently pass the probe through your womb and rectum, transmitting images to a monitor. It can feel a little uncomfortable but it shouldn’t hurt.

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