Day: April 2, 2024

Student Emergency KitsStudent Emergency Kits

If a student has to evacuate, or needs to shelter somewhere else because of a natural disaster, school lockdown or an active shooter situation, having the right supplies makes a difference. Having a well-stocked Student Emergency Kit gives students and teachers confidence that they will be able to survive and stay safe until help arrives.

Student Emergency Kits survival kit includes essentials for a day and fits easily in a backpack or dorm room. Designed for schools using recommendations from leading disaster response organizations. Store one in each classroom, and other areas where students gather like libraries, cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums and offices.

Student Emergency Kits: What Every Student Should Have

The kit includes a first aid kit that contains essentials to treat common injuries including wounds, cuts and scrapes. The resealable bag keeps items fresh and dry. Also included are a pair of work gloves and a small flashlight with extra batteries for added protection against the elements.

An emergency blanket is a must for any student’s kit. These are lightweight, compact and can retain up to 90% of body heat. Also included are a set of Disaster Deck emergency preparedness cards that describe what to do in various situations from natural disasters, to a school lockdown and more.

The student kit includes water to sustain a person for a day, and food bars that are ready to eat with no preparation required. They provide up to 400 calories per bar and are non-thirst provoking. A resealable zipper bag keeps moisture out and the die cut handle makes it easy to carry.