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Buy afghan hash online – a great alternative to marijuana buds

This is one of the highest quality hash concentrates on the market. It’s made from the best kief available and is hand-pressed using years of tradition. This creates a soft and flexible hash that is easy to work with. It can be kneaded into small pieces and easily smoked in a pipe or dab rig. This hash is very high in THC and produces very narcotic effects with deep stony feelings. It’s also very helpful in the treatment of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. Go here

Afghan black hash is very soft and can be kneaded into small bits very easily. It can be smoked in a pipe or vaporizer or it can be used as a cannabis concentrate ingredient. The flavor and smell of this hash is very strong and gives you a great high with a narcotic feeling. This is a very popular hash in Europe.

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Hashish (known as chars) is a fairly common substance in Afghanistan. Its use does not have the social stigma that accompanies consumption of other substances in war-torn societies, such as the chewing of qat in Yemen or Somalia. It is not condoned by the majority of society, however: hashish-smokers, known as charsi, are generally stigmatised as useless or even unhinged.

The best Afghan hash is produced in the Balkh and Panjshir provinces and is called shirak. It has a dark to light brown colour and a pungent scent. It sells for 150 afghanis for seven grams. The second-best char is produced in the Kandahar and Logar provinces and has a darker brown to black colour, with a less intense scent and is sold for 100 afghanis for seven grams.

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