How to Become a Sports Broadcaster


Sports broadcasting is a multi-faceted field, with positions in radio and television as well as online. It is a fast-paced career that requires strong communication skills, extensive knowledge of the sport and the ability to engage and entertain an audience. It is also a highly competitive industry; some of the most successful sports announcers in the world make millions of dollars a year. Source:

The path to becoming a sports broadcaster typically begins in high school, where students can take part in extracurricular activities like writing or reporting on local high school or college sports events. They can also join their school’s newspaper or radio station and gain experience with the production process.

Interactive Broadcasting: Engaging the Modern Viewer

Upon graduating, students can pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting or sports studies. A bachelor’s degree in sports broadcasting can help you prepare for a career in this field, as it often includes coursework in topics such as writing for media, producing for television and radio and spoken communications.

In addition to these courses, many colleges offer internship opportunities in sports broadcasting and other aspects of the sporting event industry. Internships can give you hands-on experience working a professional control board, editing audio and video created by the professionals and even helping out with marketing for sporting events.

It is important to remember that sports broadcasting is not for everyone, and pursuing this career path should be done because it really interests you and because you have a passion for the sport you’re covering. People who choose this path for the wrong reasons, such as believing that they’ll be able to make as much money as John Madden right away, are often disappointed when their expectations don’t match reality.

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