Insuranceopedia Explains Public Liability

A type of business insurance that covers third-party injury and damage claims attributed to your work. This includes incidents at your business premises and locations related to your work, like a client’s home. This is usually a component of broader general liability insurance policies. Read more :

It also covers any costs associated with compensation claims, up to a maximum amount set within your policy (sometimes called the limit of indemnity). A typical example would be if a water pipe burst in your client’s house while you were working there and caused damage. You’d normally call a plumber to repair it, but if you weren’t there to turn off the water then this could be classed as negligence, and your public liability insurance may cover it.

Insuranceopedia Explains Public Liability Insurance

Any business that interacts with customers, clients or members of the public should consider public liability insurance. If an employee slips and falls at the office or you accidentally damage a customer’s property, it can cost your business a lot of money in medical or repair bills, not to mention legal fees.

It’s often a legal requirement for some businesses to have public liability insurance before starting work on sites. It’s particularly important for tradies, builders and trade contractors that carry out physical work at their clients’ properties. Public liability can also be an additional option to other types of business insurance, including professional indemnity and employer’s liability. It’s worth having an open dialogue with your broker about your short-, medium— and long-term goals so they can make recommendations on the best products for you.

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