Smart Home Camera Security

smart home camera security

Smart home smart home cctv security offers the ability to monitor your property at all times, even when you aren’t home. Alerts can be sent to your phone when motion is detected, which empowers you to contact police or notify neighbors if a crime is occurring. Smart cameras also let you check in on pets and household staff, such as babysitters or house sitters.

A smart home camera connects to your WiFi network and sends footage to a cloud-based server, which allows you to view it on your phone or computer via the internet. Most cameras offer some level of free storage, and you can purchase a paid subscription to store more footage. If you’re worried about the potential loss of a camera to a burglar, look for cameras that offer local storage on an SD card or a separate connected hard drive.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Camera Security: Protecting Your Privacy and Property

Video resolution is another important consideration. Many smart cameras offer 1080p or higher, but if you want to zoom in on license plate numbers or see what’s happening around the corners of your property, a 2K or 4K camera is preferable.

Some smart home cameras can recognize different movement, distinguishing between pets, cars and people. This feature is useful for reducing the number of false alarms and can help you monitor cleaning services or babysitters more effectively. A swivelling camera with sensors can follow an intruder or other moving object and alert you when it is outside of the camera’s field of view.

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