The Benefits of Double-Glazing Plastic

Double glazing plastic is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy, whilst providing insulation for your home. The recycled materials used in this type of window provide many benefits, including reducing energy consumption in production, conserving natural resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and promoting a circular economy.

The recycled materials also offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners, including durability and low maintenance requirements. Windows with recycled content are typically stronger and more durable than those made from traditional frame materials, such as wood or uPVC. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions without warping or discoloring.

When it comes to replacing your old single glazed windows, the main component of the double-glazed system is the sealed unit, or insulated glass unit (IGU). It comprises two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and filled with an insulating gas. It’s a bit like a sandwich of glass bread with a filling of air.

Unlocking the Benefits of Double Glazing Plastic: A Sustainable Solution for Energy Efficiency

To ensure that the insulating IGU remains as dry as possible, the manufacturers use a crystalline desiccant inside the spacer bars which absorbs moisture to prevent internal condensation between the panes. Using these spacesr bars also reduces heat loss by slowing down the transfer of thermal energy. They’re also much less likely to degrade than aluminium spacer bars which are often the cause of seal failure. The desiccant inside the spacer bars is only effective for about five years so it’s important to correctly position the glass packers during installation. If the wrong material is used for this purpose – wedges of timber or folded up cardboard for example – they can break down and disintegrate over time. This will then attack the seals and lead to condensation between the panes of the IGU.

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