Yoga Teacher Training in Bali


Known as the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is a place of incredible beauty and culture. As a result, it has become a top spot for yogis to come and learn more about their practice while immersing themselves in the rich spiritual ambiance that surrounds this island paradise. If you’re thinking of embarking on a yoga teacher training, there is no better place than Bali.

This 200-hour yoga training bali is an immersive experience that covers a variety of core topics, including asana alignment, class sequencing, anatomy and physiology, and teaching methodology. With a strong focus on the integration of Eastern and Western yoga practices, this course is ideal for students looking to build a solid foundation in their practice that they can take into their future yoga classes as teachers.

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Training in Bali: Discover Your Inner Peace

Located just a stone’s throw away from Bingin Beach, this yoga teacher training in Bali promises to be a life-changing experience. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, you will have the chance to experience traditional Balinese culture and cuisine while also being immersed in beautiful natural scenery.

The program lasts for 3 weeks and is led by experienced instructors from around the world. In addition to learning more about the physical aspects of yoga, you will also have the opportunity to experience the spiritual side through meditation and pranayama. You will also be taught a variety of advanced postures, and have the opportunity to dive deep into yoga philosophy and theory.

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